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Gaia Ranieri

Presenter - Singer - Performer

The world knows Gaia Ranieri for her talent as presenter for 4 seasons of Top Of The Pops, a RAI2 programme that hosted the most popular Italian and international singers of the moment.

A career that saw her debut at the age of 14 as a piano bar singer. During one of her performances, she was noticed by the organiser of the Castrocaro Festival, who invited her to take part in his competition. She would perform during the final evening conducted by RAI 1 alongside big names such as Fred Bongusto and Toto Cotugno.

Far from intending to have a career in television, she began to learn about beauty contests. She was selected for the Roberta brand and reached the final conducted by Simona Ventura.

At the age of 19 she was a finalist in Veline aired on Canale 5 from Piazzale Columbus in Rimini, hosted by Teo Mammucari. After a series of auditions for Mediaset she obtained her first television assignment as an assistant in a programme produced by Endemol with Gerry Calà and Elenoire Casalegno.

She then worked as a chorister in a historic programme called 'Mezzogiorno In Famiglia' by Michele Guardì on Saturday and Sunday mornings on Rai2.

He conducts various film festivals, including one on the slopes of the Sila Mountains 'Roma Sila Festival', which boasts the presence of names such as Giuseppe Zeno, Edoardo Leo, and Barbara de Rossi. He conducts 'il Carnevale di Sciacca con Sasà' in Sicily. He presents some of the Miss Italy semifinals alongside Luisa Corna in large and crowded Italian coastal squares.

He is a guest on various television programmes including "Extra Factor" conducted by Francesco Facchinetti. At the age of 23, he became the voice of the prestigious George's, a cult venue of the "Dolce Vita Romana" in Via Veneto, cheering up the evenings of the most influential international jet setters and Italian show business personalities.
From then on, she began a study of the jazz standards of the bossa nova of the cornerstones of Italian and international music necessary to be the most famous singer of the cult club on Via Veneto: George's, accompanied on the piano by the artistic talent of Tony Rose.


La Dolce Vita 

The Show: La Dolce Vita. Accompanied on the piano by Tony Rose (historic pianist at Harry's Bar and George's in Via Veneto), Gaia Ranieri in the guise of singer and performer accompanies the historic Roman nights with singing performances of the highest professional and scenic level, retracing the timeless classics of music and the most beautiful voices on the Italian scene.

A highly enjoyable show intended also for a foreign audience that loves the musical culture of our country.

A show intended for classy settings, dedicated to lovers of the timeless Roman Dolce Vita.

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2022: Debut as singer and songwriter produced by Dandy Snake Management in Rome
2013/2017: presenter of the music programme 'Gulpmusic' broadcast on Rai Gulp.
2012: presenter of the programme 'La Tv Ribelle' broadcast on Rai Gulp.
2010/ 2011: presenter of the music programme 'Top of the Pops', columnist on the music programme 'Extra Factor', guest on the programme 'La Giostra sul 2', guest on the programme 'l'Isola e Poi', guest on the programme 'Stile' broadcast on Rai2.
2009/2010: chorister in the orchestra of the programme 'Mezzogiorno in Famiglia' broadcast on Rai2
2008/2009: Singer in the orchestra of the programme 'Domenica In' broadcast on Rai1.
2007: Chorister in the orchestra for the show 'Uomo in Frak' at the Roman Amphitheatre of Benevento 'Memorial for Domenico Modugno' broadcast on Rai1.
2006: Guest in the show 'Made in Italy Festival', chorister in the show 'Le Nuvole' "Memorial Fabrizio De Andre" broadcast on Rai1.
2004: finalist at the 'Festival di Castrocaro' broadcast on Rai1, chorister in the orchestra of the show 'Memorial per Battisti' broadcast on Rai1.
2001: singer at the Sanremo Festival Academy.



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